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Press release on the occasion of the OT-World in Leipzig from April 10, 2018

Joint mobilization and muscle training with the Schaffarik-Board (previously: MedBoard)

Physiotechnik GmbH , which was only founded in Vienna in January 2018,  is the youngest company in the “Start-up Zone”.

When developing the Schaffarik-Board (previously: MedBoard), for which a patent is pending, the founder  Gregor Schaffarik  was able to utilize his training as a mechatronics technician for medical device technology and many years of experience as a physiotherapist.

Schaffarik-Board (previously: MedBoard) is a therapy device for the lower extremities, which enables final joint mobilization at the same time as concentric and eccentric muscle training. It is suitable for patients after a thigh amputation or a knee joint replacement. You can train with it after accidents in the partial load area or post-operatively in the hospital bed.

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